Coastal Development Projects

Despite the huge potentials of our Four(4) Coastal Municipalities of Maconacon, Divilacan, Palanan  and  Dinapigue, these areas remain not only physically isolated but also economically disadvantaged as well.  Even the delivery of basic governmental and other social services proved to be very difficult.  This is because of the inaccessibility of our Coastal Municipalities from Inland Isabela due to the absence of connecting road.


In response to this factual setting, the Provincial Government and its present leadership made it a part of its Priority Development Agenda the socio-economic and tourism development of our Coastal Area.  The vital components of these endeavors are summarized as follows:

1.    The establishment of a major road linkage between Inland Isabela and our Coastal Area.  Likewise, the presence of a transport system that is reliable, affordable and safe;

2.    The development of reliable sources of renewal energy that will provide for the power requirement not only of our Coastal Municipalities but to other areas as well.

3.    Promotion of economic and experiential tourism as an additional industry;

4.    The enhancement of the trading partnership between and among Inland Isabela and our Coastal Communities.


Towards our sincere desire of uplifting the lives and livelihoods of our constituents in our Coastal Area, an economic growth driven by agricultural and tourism development and an improved delivery of basic social services were undertaken with the least disturbance to our natural environment.


Maconacon would be the Gateway  of the North and Air Transportation Hub; Divilacan  would be the Ecotourism Center and Center for Mangrove-Friendly Aquaculture; Palanan to be the Crops Production Center, Agro-Processing Center and Sea and Air Transportation Hub; and Dinapigue to be the Livestock Production Center, likewise an Ecotourism Destination and Gateway of the South.


Hospital Modernization

The province of Isabela, it being a first class province in Region 02, owns and manages one Provincial Hospital, the Gov. Faustino N. Dy, Sr. Memorial Hospital (GFNDMH) and four district hospitals namely: Milagros Albano District Hospital (MADH), Manuel A.  Roxas District Hospital (MARDH), Cauayan District Hospital (CDH) and Echague District Hospital (EDH). Each district hospital is strategically located in every congressional district to cater to the health needs of Isabeleños in areas I, II, III and IV respectively; whereas the Provincial Hospital is erected at the capital of the province, Ilagan City.

Along with these hospitals are two station hospitals catering to Isabeleños inhabiting the mountainous regions of the province such as San Mariano Medicare & Community Hospital in San Mariano and the Palanan Station Hospital in the coastal area of the province.


With the desire to have a very accessible hospital for their constituents, the towns of Sta. Maria,    DelfinAlfano, Tumauini, Ilagan City (all in Area I), Quezon (Area II), Jones (Area IV) and Dinapigue in the coastal area have maintained an MLGU hospital that is integrated with their respective Municipal Health Offices.

Priorities for the Hospital Modernization includes: 1.) Purchase of Equipment, ambulances, drugs, medicines and supplies 2.)  Maintenance and upgrading of the Provincial, District and Community Hospitals and 3) Medical Field Specialization.


Health Care Institutionalization

A socialized health insurance system for the  constituents of Isabela that covers 100% free medical and hospitalization benefits to members with minimal contributions of P100.00 a month for paying members and P100.00 a year for indigent members under the Sponsored Premium Subsidy for indigents by the Municipal  Local Government Units (MLGUs).   It is a combination of a subsidized and revenue raising project, funds of which partly provided by the Provincial Government, from the Congressional Counterpart of the four districts of Isabela and from the contributions of the  members.  Its social and economic impact is at its fullest assurance to each every constituents of the province.


Agricultural Modernization

“We will make the small farmers rich.”  A commitment and battle cry of the  Local Chief Executives of the  Provincial Government of Isabela.   Gigantic task as it may seemed, the agriculture and fishery sectors welcomed the pronouncement being consistent with the Office’ vision of modernizing the smallholder farmers through the provision of services designed for the welfare of marginal Isabeleños.


Investment Promotion

The province is the biggest grower of corn and mongo in the Philippines. The province also produces timber, woodcraft and furniture and processed meat. As the second top producer of rice, Isabela aims to become the largest when two new dams in Ilagan and San Mariano will be implemented. Poultry, livestock’s and fisheries sectors are also on the rise. At present, Isabela is home to the Magat Dam, the biggest in the country.


There are three top investors in the province namely: SN/Aboitiz Power group with its 360-megawatt Magat Hydroelectric Power Plant; Green Future Innovations Inc. with its 54-million-liter ethanol plant (a joint venture between Japanese, Taiwanese and Filipino firms); and the Mindanao Grains Processing Co. with its P500-million Reina Mercedes Corn Processing Center. In the province are multinational oil firms Chevron, Petron and Shell, with the new players following suit; telecommunications giants Smart and Globe; soft-drink makers Coca-Cola, RC Cola and Pepsi; SM and Robinsons Centers; and Fast-food chains McDonalds, Jollibee, Chowking, Mang Inasal, Red Ribbon, Julies and Goldilocks.


Disaster Risk Reduction and Management


Flood is the major natural disaster that affects the Province of Isabela.  The Isabela Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (IPDRRMC) with the efforts of the different line agencies/members maintain and operate networking and flood disaster mitigation and management program. The PDRRMC exhibited exemplary performance in local governance for demonstrating an acceptable level of disaster preparedness and response before and during floods. To strengthen the disaster preparedness, the Disaster Action and Response Team (DART) 831 was organized and  committed in building community resilience and reducing the risk of disaster by  not only focusing on the preparedness and response but also in the pre-positioning of goods, medicines, equipment and rescue teams.


The province has been recognized as the “Gawad Kalasag” Awardee in the whole Region 02 for its commendable performances in disaster preparedness.



Social Welfare Services

The Social Welfare Services in the province of Isabela continue to provide not only the basic programs  to needy individuals, families and victims of natural and manmade disaster but also to help clients use their talents, skills and abilities in order to become productive and participative  member of the community.  It is the mandate of the PSWDO  to assist clients and uplift their well-being and meet their  immediate needs by providing  them the programs and services such as: Early Child Hood Care and Development, Program for Women, Youth, Family, Persons with Disability, Senior Citizens,  Children in Difficult Situation and  Crisis Intervention.


Environmental, Management, Conservation & Protection

·         Forest Resources Management

The creation of the Isabela Environmental Protection Task Force was created through the initiative of the Hon. Governor Faustino G. Dy III purposely strengthening the partnership and collaboration with the national government particularly the DENR, PNP and Philippine Army in their regulatory functions such as   forest protection and   law enforcement. In order to keep abreast and have appropriate knowledge about Forest Protection and Law Enforcement, the Task Force Members underwent a Paralegal Training.

The Provincial Nursery Management and Operation continues to prosper having produced now a total of 69,600 assorted fruits, forest, ornamental, coconut seedlings and bamboo propagules s and already disposed about 32,645   seedlings to the different recipients all over the province.

In support to the National Greening Program (NGP), the Provincial Government of Isabela intends to assist the different stakeholders through an establishment of a Provincial Clonal Nursery, a joint venture with the SN Aboitiz, Inc. Other inspiring partnership and linkages with the Energy Development Corporation, Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Foundation for Sustainable Society Inc. (FSSI) Plant TREES Project    and Cabiokid STEP were all part of the Provincial Nursery Operational Activities and Watershed Management Project.


·         Environmental Management

The ultimate undertaking under this Division is to implement effectively its devolved functions as stipulated under RA 7160 encompassing holistic approach with the main responsibility to inform, educate, share and extend technical assistance geared towards institutionalization of RA 9003 otherwise known as Ecological Solid Waste Management.


·         Mineral Resources Management

RA  7942 otherwise known as the Philippine Mining Act of 2005 supported by enacted laws, rules and regulations and other provincial impositions is the basis in the proper management, development, protection and utilization of the mineral resources in the province.   An Executive Order No. 2011-02 constitutes the Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB) of which salient  initiatives driven were the following: 1. Approval of   12  applications  for Small-Scale Mining Permits (chromites and other associated  minerals within the areas of Barangays Dimaluadi and Ayod, Dinapigue, Isabela; 2.)  Approval of 22 applications for Commercial Sand and Gravel Permits;  3)  Processing of 26 Small-Scale Mining and 1 Gratuitous Sand & Gravel Permit; 4)  Accredited 48 Haulers/Dealers/Traders and Retailers in trading mineral products and by-products; and 5)  accomplished other related activities such as :   conduct of researches, dialogues and regular monitoring activities.


Livelihood Development Projects

The Provincial Government of Isabela has allotted P80 M additional fund for agricultural programs and projects which will cater to the financial needs of agri micro-business operators suchas fish ball vendors, vegetable sellers and other small and medium entrepreneurs.


Infrastructure Development

The Provincial Government of Isabela through its infrastructure implementing arm, the Provincial Engineer’s Office has accomplished a total of P101,264,081.76, for the year under review. Aside from completed projects, the OPE reported a total of P189,463,028.09 as a continuing infrastructure activities of the Province of Isabela. 



·         College Scholarship for Sons and Daughters of Small Farmers

Every farmer-family is guaranteed a scholarship college slot as a special assistance to farmers who dream of having at least one college graduate in the family.  This aims at reducing the financial burdens of farmers in the education of their children which will motivate them towards greater productivity.  This is generated through the Provincial Scholarship Program as a policy of the Provincial Government.

·         Local School Board

Local School Board approved a  Budget Allocation  of P22 M for CY-2013 to be utilized for the salaries and wages of  the  two hundred eighty four (284) Provincial School Board Teachers, Sports Development,  Educational Materials,  Cultural Program and Heritage Preservation.




The Province of Isabela was awarded with a Seal of Good Housekeeping in CY 2011 and 2012, as a testament in fulfilment and guaranteed of good and transparent government. It is in line with DILGs commitment to insistently upgrade interventions to lift the practice of governance that values transparency, accountability, participation and performance into an institutionalized local government units.

Part of the award is the Performance Challenge Fund of Thirty Seven Million Pesos and was utilized for the purchase of ambulances, extraction equipment, porta bote, outboard motor and other equipment for disaster. 


Other Thrusts and Innovations

·         Bogie-Rodito Opportunities – Loan Assistance for marginalized Farmers Program

In keeping with its mission of providing the best quality of life to every Isabeleño  the Provincial Government of Isabela has continued to adopt new programs; projects and innovations addressed specifically to the marginalized citizenry of the province most particularly our farmers.

With its priority program named (BRO-LAMFP) with a   9 Benefit Packages for our Small Farmers is the very first program in the Provincial/Municipal Local Government Unit (P/MLGU) History wherein it  is Isabela’s pride in pioneering a very wonderful and productive program.

The program which was launched  on the 1st quarter of 2012  in a Grand Farmers’ Congress dubbed as “SAGUT PARA KADAGITI MANNALON” showcased the  astounding packages  of 9 benefits  worth P195 Million guaranteed and extended to all  Small Farmers of  Isabela  especially those farmers who were heavily affected by natural disasters/calamities that recently affected the province.

The various benefits extended by BOJIE-RODITO Opportunities-Loan Assistance for Marginalized Farmers Program (BRO-LAMFP) are the following:  Livelihood Assistance for Marginalized Farmers (BRO-LAMFP), Ayuda sa Presyo (BRO-ASAP), Pantawid Pamasahe Program (BRO-PPP), Paneguro sa Pananim (BRO-PSP), Scholarship Slot for sons and daughters of Farmers (BRO-ED), Enrolment in Philhealth (BRO-PHM), Provincial Health Care (BRO-HealthCare), Pasegurong Nararapat na Benepisyo para sa mga Magsasaka (BRO-PNB M) and Sapat na Seguridad para sa mga Magsasaka (BRO-SSS M).