Bojie-Rodito Opportunities




Loan Assistance for Marginalized Farmers Program


BRO LAMFP is a financial capital agricultural project that sustains the policy of the administration to make small farmers whose area ranges from .25 to 1.0 hectare to be better-off.  Small farmers are granted additional farming capital loans per farmer as incentives for increased productivity. The amount of P3, 000 and P4, 000.00 loans per farmer are granted during rainy and dry seasons, respectively, interest free.



Provide package of socio-economic assistance to small and other marginal farmers to inspire them to continue improving their lot for food production and to increase income. Provide cash loan assistance to small farmers to finance the purchase of fertilizers, seeds or other farm inputs to increase palay and corn productivity.




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2018 BRO LAMFP Accomplishment Report

2017 BRO LAMFP Accomplishment Report