Bojie-Rodito Opportunities






Paiwi ni BRO Program is one of the 13-components of the Bojie-Rodito Opportunities Program. It primarily initiates the province’s livestock production and establishment of a more sustainable facility in this sector either it be on a backyard or farm-based. The program points to production vis-a-vis the income generation of a small farm family which is expected to develop into a small industry.

The small farm family is given the opportunity to avail of a livestock-swine (breeding or fattening), chicks, or buck – dispersal which shall be repaid with its same kind in an agreed time frame and in turn be re-dispersed to other small farm families in the community.

If swine is the preferred stock, the recipient is being provided with an animal feeds assistance that the BRO-FAP Office refers as the BRO Livelihood component. It is a P3,000.00 interest-free financial capital to procure animal feeds and it will pass-on to other program beneficiaries together with the stock.

For chicks, one (1) must give back 10 of its kind after eight months while a buck must be repaid with 2 kids in a span of 2 years.



  1. As earlier written, the program pursues to provide livestock for production and income generation.
  2. It aims to establish a farm-based venture which can increase scanty production and profits for the small farmer family.
  3. By providing interest-free financial capital, the beneficiary skips the lending field which imposes usurious interest rates.



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