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          The Isabela Coastal Development Office (ICDO) is locally adopting the national Executive Order No. 533 Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) strategy to safeguard the Queen Province 'coastal and marine environment and resources and establishing supporting mechanisms for its implementation. The ICM and its correlated methods and approaches, such as coastal resource management or coastal zone management, shall be the national more so the local management policy framework to promote sustainable development of the Province coastal marine environment and resources in order to achieve "food security, sustainable livelihood, poverty alleviation and reduction of vulnerability to natural hazards' while conserving and preserving 'ecological integrity" (Section 1[14]). The localized ICM encapsulates coastal and marine expanses, addressing the 'inter-linkages among associated watersheds, estuaries (river mouth) wetlands, and coastal seas, by entirely related national and local deprtments and agencies (Section 2).



            A developed Province enjoying a rich, peaceable and healthy environment through the appropriate and suitable use of coastal marine resources spearheaded by the Isabela Coastal Development Office (ICDO), sharing equitably and abundance of its effectively managed resources both in land and sea within the framework of a stable and sustainable environmental deployment.



           The Queen Province of Isabela pledges herself to work in unified and coherent reintegration, rehabilitation, restoration and protection of its critical habitats and natural resources on coastal locales through the use of accountable and responsible managements and administrations; and development in proactive partnership with its linked departments and agencies so as the people involved that are collectively in tune on both managing and supervising any and every Isabela Coastal Development Office (ICDO) activities.