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  1. Exercise general supervision and control over all programs, projects and activities of the provincial government.
  2. Enforce all laws and ordinances pertinent to the effective governance of the Province.


In promoting the general economic welfare of the people, the Office of the Provincial Governor should provide for a continuous system of development programs to attain the following objectives as the province treads its path towards total economic development.

  1. To attain self-sufficiency in food production through a more coordinated agricultural development program by harmonizing provincial with national projects.
  2. To establish an efficient infrastructure network for the province as support to a projected increase in agricultural production and to serve the needs of growing population.
  3. To improve the health and sanitation services of the province in answer to the increasing demands of the people and as complementary program to other major development projects of the government.
  4. To develop the tourism potentials of the province as a means to improve revenue sources of local government. 









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Management Information System


Monday Convocation hosted by the Office of the Governor (January 8, 2018)