The Cauayan District Hospital shall commit itself to the MISSION of continually responding to the healthcare needs of the City and its environs, particularly by providing the best available STRUCTURE, excellent management of technical PROCESS and acceptable health status OUTCOME.

            This mission is both a vacation and a legacy that draws from and is deeply rooted in the power of Jesus Christ, the GREAT HEALER



            In order to be more responsive and effective to the changes and challenges of times, and to the constantly increasing demands for affordable healthcare services from our clientele, the Cauayan District Hospital hopes to be operational by the year 2018 as seventy-five (75) bed capacity hospital. This is to conform to Republic Act 7213 as approved by the Philippine Congress on March 6, 1992.

            It also envisions to acquire and to hire all the necessary equipment and manpower requirements respectively, together with the necessary funding requirement to effectively operate as such based on existing Department of Health and the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Standards.

            The Cauayan district Hospital is a government-owned and operated hospital under the leadership of Hon. Faustino “Bojie” Dy III, Provincial Governor, Isabela. It is a Level 1 / Primary Care Hospital as to D.O.H service capability and a Center of Safety as per P.H.I.C. accreditation. It’s Authorized Bed Capacity (ABC) is 50 beds while it’s Actual / Implementing Beds is 115 beds.

            Cauayan District Hospital is a Philippine Hospital Association member of good standing, PhilHealth (PHIC) and Regional Committee on Affiliation and Training of Students and Animal Bite Treatment Center accredited.


License to Operate #.:           02-12-17-50-H1-1 

PHIC Accreditation #:          H02002066

ABTC Accreditation #:        B020  22932



 Hospital Statistics

  • As to Bed Occupancy Rate (BOR), it decreased from 163.60% of 2016 to 159.75% of this year.
  • Average Daily Admitted Patients from 26 of last year to 22 this year.
  • An average length of stay is the same 3 days.
  • A slight decrease on the Total Number of Normal Deliveries is 1,583 this year compared to 1,921 of last year.
  • A slight decrease of Caesarian Operation from 435 of last year to 417 this year.
  • The 5 leading Causes of Discharges (Morbidity)of this year are Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) topping the list, followed by Pneumonia, Acute Upper Respiratory Infection (AURI), Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and Gastritis.
  •  As to the 5 Leading Causes of Deaths (Mortality) of this year are Cerebrovascular Accidents topping the list, followed by Pneumonia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Intracranial Hemorrhage and Congestive Heart Failure.
  • As to the 5 Leading Causes of Emergency Cases, a slight decrease from 15,922 last year to 11,108 of this year. Topping the list is Injuries, followed by Acute Upper Respiratory Infection (AURI), Hypertension, Urinary Tract Infection  and Gastritis.
  • For the Out-Patient Services, the number of patients has a slight increase from 30,765 (2017) to 35, 989 this year. The leading Cause of OPD Consultation is Acute Upper Respiratory Infection (AURI) with 3,185 patients (from 4,274 from last year) followed by Urinary Tract Infection with 1,546 patients (from 3,867 last year), Hypertension with 1,107 (from 1,616 last year), Pneumonia with 1,100 patients and Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) with 682 patients.
  • Construction of Extension building for Emergency rooms and Private rooms amounting to 17 Million under HFEP of DOH.
  • PCSO Endowment Fund for Indigent Patients P 500,000.00.
  • Additional Drugs and Medicines were also provided by the Provincial Government though at times not adequate due to the continuously increasing number of patients availing of Cauayan District Hospital health services.



  • The Cauayan District Hospital is a member of Philippine Hospital Association in good standing
  • It is also a DOH Licensed Primary Level 1 health facility and PHIC Center of Safety Accredited 50 Beds
  • CDH is also an (RCATS) Accredited Health facility
  • All other important and relevant requirements necessary for the issuance of the above license and accreditations are regularly and sufficiently complied.
  • ABTC Accredited






Inventory of Drugs and Medicines

Inventory of Medical Supplies



Inventory of Drugs and Medicines

Inventory of Medical Supplies