Manuel A. Roxas District Hospital



Roxas District Hospital is an authorized 50 bed capacity general hospital and actually implementing a total of 75 beds since it transferred to a bigger building which was completed and inaugurated in June 2004, it was granted by the Department of Health (DOH) as Level I Referral Hospital and was accredited by the PHILHEALTH (PHIC) as a Secondary Care Hospital. It is a one (1) storey concrete and painted building with a floor area of more or less 4,500 sq. m. in a lot area of more or less 26,869 sq. m. located along the National Highway in Barangay San Antonio, Roxas, Isabela. The construction of extension building of communicable diseases/ cases was started in 2016 with a floor area of 165 sq. m. It is of great importance that another building or extension has been under construction. This building is for the isolation of communicable disease cases, it will be equipped with necessary equipment, medicine and supplies for the treatment of such cases. This area is exclusively for them, an area where they can move freely, with enough ventilation and lighting. Standard precautions in isolation will be observed in this area to lessen the transmission of these diseases. With this, patient will be treated accordingly and will have a faster recovery. The hospital is owned and operated by the Provincial Government of Isabela and ranked fifth in the entire Region II for NBB compliance in 2016.



In 5 years, Manuel A. Roxas District Hospital will be a 75-bed capacity hospital and will continue to restore and maintain quality service from Secondary to Tertiary level with the full support of the Provincial and Municipal Government and Isabelinos as a whole.



The Manuel A. Roxas District Hospital, a government hospital with 50 bed capacity in western part of Isabela, the Mallig Plains, serving the people of Roxas, Burgos, San Manuel, Aurora, Mallig, Quirino, Quezon, part of Ifugao and other neighboring towns rendering a quality health care that is efficient, effective, accessible, affordable and available at all times providing an adequate humane and compassionate health promotion, disease prevention, curative and rehabilitative hospital care.



The District Hospital provides the following services to its client:

  1. Out-Patient Services
  2. In-patient Care
  3. Emergency Room Services
  4. Dental
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Laboratory
  7. Radiology (X-Ray and Ultrasound)
  8. Animal Bite Treatment Center (ABTC)
  9. Immunization Services (Hepa B at birth and BCG)
  10. Newborn Screening
  11. Mother Baby Friendly Hospital (Exclusive Breastfeeding)



  • Recipient of Outstanding Performing Facility 99% Newborn Screening for the Year 2016
  • Hospital D.O.T.S. Achiever Award program implementation Review July 12-13, 2016
  • Ranked fifth in the entire Region II for NBB compliance in 2016








Inventory of Drugs and Medicines

Inventory of Medical Supplies



Inventory of Drugs and Medicines

Inventory of Medical Supplies


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The Manuel A. Roxas District Hospital



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