The PPMIU shall be responsible in the overall management of the PRDP in the province. Specifically, it shall perform the following functions:

1. Take the lead in the implementation of the PRDP in Isabela;

2. Convene regularly to perform planning, program management and implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and coordinative function of the PRDP programs and projects within the province of Isabela;

3. Ensure that the above function are performed in each of the Four (4) Components of PRDP Work: I-PLAN (Investments in Agro-Fishery), I-BUILD (Infrastructure & Logistics) , I-REAP (Investment in Rural Enterprises), and I-SUPPORT (Implementation Support);

4. Harmonization of priority areas to eliminate duplication and maximize complementation of activities;

5. Oversee the successful implementation of the Rural Development Program in the Province;

6. Furnish the Office of the Governor copies of any and all reports or important documents pertinent to the PRDP;

7. Perform such other functions as may be necessary to meet the objectives of this Order. 



Accomplishment Reports