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The ENRO is responsible for the sustainable development, utilization and management of our natural resources and maintenance of ecological balance within the province.


ISABELA - a province blessed with bountiful natural resources, clear crystal waters and rich fertile fields - a beautiful and peaceful place for the Isabelinos to live in harmony with nature through sustainable development and management of the environment moving towards self-reliance and sufficiency.


The ENRO shall be in the frontline for efficient and effective delivery of basic services relative to environment and natural resources services particularly in the rehabilitation, protection, conservation, maximum utilization and application of appropriate upland farming technologies and other related matters for a better quality of life for the Isabelinos.



    The Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO) of the Province of Isabela is mandated under the Local Government Code of 1991 to share the responsibility in the conservation, management, development and wise utilization of natural resources and maintenance of ecological balance within its territorial jurisdiction.


    1. To provide the basic services that would benefit & promote the well-being of the Isabeleños especially the upland poor through sustainable development of forest resources, optimal utilization of lands & minerals, social equity & efficiency in the use of forest resources & effective environmental management system.
    2. To adopt measures for disaster risk reduction management and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

    1. Implementing of community-based projects like Integrated Social Forestry (ISEF) establishment of new reforestation projects, Forest Land Management (FLMA) and Community Forest Projects (CFP) subject to concurrence of financing institution;
    2. Management and control of communal forest with an area not exceeding fifty (50) square kilometers;
    3. Management, protection and rehabilitation of small watershed areas;
    4. Enforcement of forest laws in community of small watershed areas;
    5. Enforcement, protection and maintenance of tree parks identified and delineated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR);
    6. Enforcement of pollution control and environmental protection laws, rules and regulations;
    7. Enforcement of small-scale mining laws;
    8. Issuance of permit of guano collection and extracted sand and gravel and other quarry resources;
    9. Collection of fees and charges for the extraction of sand and gravel, boulders, including small scale mining such as guano, chromite and other mineral resources;
    10. Provision of Technical Assistance on the protection and development of coastal resources particularly mangrove areas;
    11. Forest restoration within Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park (NSMNP) buffer zones;
    12. Rehabilitation and protection of river banks and flood prone areas; and
    13. Establishment and maintenance of Agro-Forest plantations.




      1. Provincial Nursery Operations & Maintenance to include the Mega Nursery
        • Procurement & Propagation of Assorted Forest
        • Tree Seeds & Seedlings & Grafted Fruit Tree Seedlings & Indigenous Tree Species
        • Procurement & Propagation of Bamboo Seedlings
        • Purchase of Polyethylene Plastic Bags
        • Nursery Maintenance (Labor/Contract Services)
      2. Completion of Provincial Nursery Perimeter Fence
      3. Isabela Greening Project (IGP)
        • Agro-Reforestation and Rainforestation Plantation Establishment & Maintenance
        • Riverbank Stabilization (for flood/erosion control measures)
        • Bamboo Plantation Establishment
      4. Sustainable Upland Development
        • Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM)/Integrated Social Forestry Program (ISFP) thru Agro-forestry/Farm Forest Development cum Permaculture Designing (with the establishment of demo-farms)
        • Inventory of Forest Occupants
      5. Watershed Rehabilitation Project (Establishment)
      6. Extension Services & Advocacy Programs
        • Community Organizing Works & IEC Activities
        • Aral Kalikasan sa mga Barangays
        • Upland Farmers' Training & Development
        • Certificate of Stewardship Contract (CSC) Assessment & Evaluation
        • Provision of Technical Assistance
      7. Forest Protection & Law Enforcement
        • Regular Monitoring, Foot Patrol & Surveillance, Detection of Illegal Logging/Poaching Activities & Apprehension of Violators to include coastal
        • Provision of Fire Fighting Equipment
        • Skills Development Training for ISEP TF
      8. Coastal Resources Management Program
        • Mangrove Nursery Establishment & Maintenance
        • Mangrove Plantation Establishment & Rehab
        • Mangrove Plantation Care, Protection & Maint.

      1. Conduct of Provincial Mining Regulatory Board (PMRB) Meeting
      2. Registration & Licensing
        • Receiving & Processing of Commercial Sand & Gravel Permit Applications
        • Receiving & Processing of Small-Scale Mining Applications
        • Evaluation of Production Reports
        • Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation
      3. Monitoring & Evaluation
        • Monitoring of CSAG Pits
        • Multi-partite Monitoring of Mining Operation
        • Filed Inspection/Verification of CSAG & SMMP
        • Investigation of Quarry/Mining Related complaints
        • Settlement of Disputes

      1. Search for RA 9003 Compliant Barangay
      2. Preparation/Consolidation of 10-year Provincial Ecological Solid Waste Management Plans
      3. Organic Fertilizer Production & Vermi-Composting
      4. Center for Organic-Based Livelihood Production Materials
      5. Purchase/Fabrication/Distribution of Segregation Trash Bins to Identified Recipients
      6. Replication of Model ESWM Production Area
      7. Conduct of Roadside Smoke Belching Testing & Sampling (RA 8749)
      8. Procurement of Smoke Meter Machine
      9. Urban Ecosystems Management
        • Urban Greening/Pollution Control Measures
        • River/Creek Clean-up
      10. Creation of Mine Rehabilitation Fund Committee
      11. Creation of Multi-partite Monitoring Team (MMT)
      12. Rehabilitation of Mineral Extracted/Mined-Out Sites PD 1856/EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 05 S. 2001



    Executive Order No. 03 Series of 2014



    CY 2013




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